Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Blog

For various reasons I have moved!! My new blog is
not much there yet but hope to update soon :)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

wrong order again - grrrrrr

Just when I think I know what I am doing with blogger it all goes pearshapd. I cant get photos in the right order at all - the previous post has all the wrong info with the wrong photos so this time I am not even going to try you can just play a mix and match game and work out which photo I am talking about :)

This week Meg has decided she can manage steps - I keep finding her halfway up the stone steps to the garden room - she is fast too! and next minute she will be at the bottom of the main stairs standing and only holding on with one hand - she is growing up too quickly. She and ben had fun with an empty cardboard box - free toys are always the best. Ben got very excited when i said it was time to go to his dance class - he was getting his own black ballet shoes and couldnt wait. Meg and Sophie had fun at a party yesterday - Meg cleaned the village hall floor and Sophie stuffed a teddy. I tried to nick a sandwich from the party tea but Meg took it out of my hand and ate it.

The children love a 'sharing tray' for lunch and/or tea - saves on waste as they can pick what they want - was impressed at how relatively healthy this one was - Sophie made it.

Catch up

Phew what a week - had the children off school Mon/Tues and told Mum not to come so she didnt catch it as she is away this weekend and I didn't want her to miss out by being poorly. Not too disorganised considering I didn't have her help but absolutely exhausted :) Sophie and I had fun with the new candy floss machine I have bought to use at the playgroup spring fair - can safley say it was a hit with Sophie.
Sophie helped me make Yorkshire puddings on Sunday - John was away at the races all day so when we got back from church I rushed around trying to get a roast together - Sophie is so helpful and great company too.
Thomas was really proud of this lego model - he wanted his picture taken to send to the lego magazine - but when he saw it he didn't like how he looked so made me take it again without him in it - no matter how many times I say how fantastic he is he still has low self esteem.

Sophie helped in the kitchen again on Monday - she made everyone's lunch - tuna sandwichs - and yes she is wearinbg a nightie cos she was off school sick - Thomas was worse but as she wasn't 100% and the weather was awful she stayed off too.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Guess what?

I scrapped!!! don't know how I found time this week but I did and really enjoyed it too. For some reason Blogger is listing them without pics so no idea what order these are going in but the one of Meg is especially for Louise to show I have finally scrapped some pics before her first birthday.




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Grrrr no idea what is going on with Blogger - cant get these in the right order at all - and they are naff pics too with poor crops but hey I enjoyed doing the layouts and that's all that matters right now :) Had all 4 children poorly today with coughs and colds - Meg is full of snot and coughing like a 40 a day smoker - heading for a rough night so planning an early one :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Daily pictures 17-20th Jan

For some reason these are in the wrong order? Firstly a terrible pic of Meg where she looks positively drunk :) followed by the one I was after - one showing her 'fangs' - she has 4 teeth now but has got the top side teeth before the middle ones so really has fangs when she smiles.

The cutest picture of Ben spontaneously kissing Meg - was so glad I had my camera in my hand to catch that one. Sophie busy scrapping at Mum's at the weekend and lastly Megan about to dive on Ben's head - she rocks forward onto her feet and almost stands already - she loves pulling Ben's hair and he doesn't seem to mind - hours of free fun to be had playing with your big brother's hair!

Don't worry it isn't real!!

It's really hard being an orthopod's daughter - we don't have proper toys and teething rings Meg has to gnaw on a fake femur :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Daily photos


Next lot of daily pictures - think it'll be so much easier to see what I took if I keep up to date with collages - still trying to print daily pictures from last year and only got as far as July! Again a lot of Meg and Sophie - must try to take more pictures of the boys - so taking daily photos has already helped me see where I can change things. Sophie got her first glasses yesterday and I was worried she would no longer want her photo taken but she is happy to pose :)
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Sophie's new look


Unbelievably after the paddy on Monday when Sophie had her eyes tested and found she needed glasses she was absolutely fine when we went to pick them up today and has hardly taken them off since. She looks incredibly grown up and I am so proud of her for getting over this hurdle.
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Monday, January 12, 2009

Following a link from Jems blog here is a map of the world showing where I have been so far - thinking I was quite well travelled am dismayed to find I have only visited 8% - must get the children passports and get travelling :)

visited 19 states (8.44%)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

9 on the 9th

These are the pictures I have chosen to represent my 9 on the ninth for yesterday. A typical weekday with recycling, pumping the cellar and feeding children. The current book I am reading - a trashy novel and the time I went to bed. Sophie had some new clothes from NEXT to try on. Tom wasnt cooperating so doesnt appear :)
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Friday, January 09, 2009

photo a day .........again!!

Happy New Year everyone :)

Really enjoyed taking daily photos last year but having accidentally missed a day in September it wasnt the same and I missed several other days after that too so decided to try again this year. I also havent done anything with last year's photos yet - with all my 'ordinary' photos there are just too many and the task feels overwhelming. So this year I am going to collage every week or so and scrap that - reducing the number of photos and also chosing and numbering as I go. So far so good - first nine done. This way also helps me see I have rather a lot of pics of Megan and little of anything else - must change that! Megan is crawling at speed now so much less easy a photo subject.

Mum and I are also doing 9 photos on the 9th as it is 2009 - these will hopefully be blogged tomorrow.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Photo fun!!

Following on from the success?? of the WI photo I decided to have a play at home with my studio lights with less than fantastic results. I was asked by the local WI to take their yearly group photo this week - one of the most frightening experiences of my life - 36 middle aged and elderly women with one very scary 'boss' - 35 copies have been ordered though so must have done something right! Not a business woman though so charged peanuts and giving any profit to playgroup - I'll never make a business out of this.

Decided to try to take a photo of my 4 - Meg was surprisingly cooperative having just woken from arefreshing sleep, Thomas was great, Sophie was moody and sensitive having fallen at ballet this morning and knocked her front teeeth - one will be out very soon. Benjamin was a typical 4 year old and in the only half decent shot he is staring at the TV screen behind my shoulder - they were not up for trying anymore :( The set up was not ideal either - there just is not enough room with all our stuff and people kept tripping over wires etc when I tried to set up while Meg was asleep so I had to move it and try again with her awake. Might try again tomorrow - but here are 2 I quite like - even managed a bit of editing :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Journal Your Christmas

Journal your Christmas
Have signed up for Shimelle's Journal Christmas online class.....WHY??....HOW??? do I think I am going to find time and energy to do this?? - last night I was woken at 1,3 and 5 by Meg - she refuses a bottle and just wants to feed feed feed from me - Sophie has been poorly and is more sensitive that usual, Benjamin is full of beans and questions from the moment he wakes until bed - he woke this morning with the statement "Remember Mummy operation is rubbish" after we got rid of the game because it really is rubbish!! Thomas is..........................Thomas :) But I felt especially at this busy time of year it is important to give myself ME time - just a little every day to keep a smile on my face and this seemed the perfect way to do it. I may not keep up, I may not even finish it but I am going to have FUN - and that is why I am doing it :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

7 already!!!

Went for a lovely family walk last weekend before everyone got poorly :( - Tom enjoyed finding the deepest muddiest puddle he could and jumped in it repeatedly then wondered why he had wet feet ! The night before his birthday - the traditional sleeping picture - in his new bedroom but still with his old covers as I hadnt Ben 10 decorated it yet - did that while he was at school on his birthday - think he was pleased - he was certainly happy to see the floral lightshade go.

Tom didn't want a cake - he asked for a Vienetta with candles - easy and tasty with no leftovers - perfect!
Feeding Meg would be easier and less messy if she didn't put her thumb in after every mouthful.

We had a Pinata yesterday as part of the 'party' Tom had invited 2 friends for the afternoon - they all enjoyed beating the living daylights out of the cardboard model until the sweets spilled out - Sophie was the hardest hitter - Ben sort of tickled it :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Had forgotten how messy feeding is when first starting solids!! so far we have had banana, apple, pear, carrot and butternut squash - the last two got everywhere and stained but she seemed to enjoy them. We are feeding with two spoons as she insists on grabbing one!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Back from hols!!

For some reason Blogger has mixed up the order of the photos I uploaded - not helped by me trying to do it quickly with meg screaming and Tom watching ben 10 on youtube loudly beside me!! First Ben very cold in a park in Aberdeen Then the three older ones listening carefully to a presentation in the rock pools at Deep Sea World - we had great fun there and Tom was very animated and enjoyed it - great to see :)
Some very cold sheep outside james and Lynsey's house - we had a lovely lunch there when we finally made it out of the car - the wind was so strong it was difficult to get the doors open. James and Lynsey have made such a fantastic job decorating their house it is unrecognisable - especially love the living room wallpaper - soooo cool - they have great taste :)

This is the park we visited - notice noone else was mad enough to brave the cold despite the great play equipment it was empty :)

Sophie wrapped up warm and still smiling

Even the birds were cold

We got snow the next day which made Tom's holiday - he and Sophie had fun - Ben wasnt so sure it was too cold

Mum wanted a picture with all her grandchildren - this is the best I could manage - lewis was straight in from school but happily got changed - posed without moving a muscle :) shame some others weren't quite so cooperative but not bad

Wrong order again - Meg had her first solids today - she wasnt that thrilled - her thumb was more interesting but she managed about a teaspoon full

Poor car died at Gretna - had to be towed home :( waiting til Monday to get it into the garage to see if it can be fixed or if the damage is terminal

Happy halloween in Perth - we managed a couple of houses but as they were old friends by the time we had stopped for a chat Sophie fell asleep - still they looked good in their costumes and Tom said it was 'the best halloween ever' - easily pleased

And the cousins - Ben is scowling cos he didnt get to hold Megan